Yubikey ssh mac

We generally use Duo for two factor authentication, including SSH. We have some scenarios where people would like to use two factor authentication, but Duo is considered too intrusive. For example, when using Duo for SSH-based git push and git pull there's no Duo prompt, it only works with Duo push, and you have to unlock your phone, tap on the Duo notification, then tap on 'approve'.

I've tested with OS X Choose or generate a character PIN despite the name, letters and some symbols are allowedand an 8 character PUK. You should also change your Yubikey's management key. The new key needs to be a 48 character hexadecimal string, which can be generated with:. You'll need to enter your management key when prompted, then touch the Yubikey within 15 seconds while the LED blinks slowly; it blinks more quickly when generating the key.

The command outputs the new public key to public. There are multiple ways to use the key; the most basic is to use it on the command line, using the -I flag to specify the PKCS11 library:. These mechanisms all require the PIN and a touch for every connection. The only complication with this method is that if you remove the Yubikey then re-insert it, you'll need to manually unload then load the PKCS11 library and type in the PIN againotherwise it will silently fail to use the Yubikey and proceed to try other keys, then any other mechanisms supported by the server.

Categories: General Security. Touch the Yubikey Successfully generated a new self signed certificate. You can now remove cert. Last login Categories: General Security Tags: 2fa mfa ssh.These methods help better create the ideal ecosystem for a password-less future.

Most common development platforms are available or easy to install on macOS, enabling developers to build for a range of platforms on one machine.

Enterprises with macOS deployments can effectively reduce IT operational costs with easy to deploy YubiKey two-factor authentication. The YubiKey does not require a battery or additional hardware such as smart card readers, reducing cost. MacBook users add a second layer of protection to their login—protecting programs, files, and more—by enabling YubiKey authentication on their personal machines.

Authentication requires just a touch. YubiKey 5 NFC. YubiKey 5C.

Using a Yubikey to Secure SSH on macOS (Minimalist Version)

YubiKey 5 Nano. YubiKey 5C Nano. Security Key Unsupported. This product integration has been vetted and verified by the Yubico team. This company may or may not partner with Yubico to jointly solve customer needs. Learn more System Requirements See Yubico for more information. Register now. Identify your YubiKey here. Computer Login. The YubiKey provides hardware-backed security to prevent unauthorized access across multiple devices and platforms, including MacBooks and macOS.

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Yubikey / U2F with PAM for machine security on Linux

Set up Find set-up guides. Buy Buy online Contact sales Find resellers. Stay connected Sign up for email. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. These cookies do not store any personal information.After reading about one too many stories about companies getting hacked that way, I decided to use Yubikeys to store my private SSH keys.

There are a number of guides available online. They all required some tinkering and small adjustment for macOS. So here is my own complete guide. By default Homebrew will symlink it, which does not work. You can either add it at the top or below a Host example. You could generate the private key directly on the Yubikey and it will never leave the key.

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Next generate a new private RSA key only this specific format and length is supported and a public key and certificate in the correct format. You should now see four files on your RAM disk.

The commands below will copy the private key to a Yubikey and also add the self-signed certificate. You can repeat this step for every additional Yubikey you want to seed with this particular private SSH key.

You can customize the touch- and PIN policy to your linking. The command below requires a touch whenever the key is used. Now you are ready to log in to a remote server using the private SSH key stored on the Yubikey. You can view the public key using either of those commands, even after you remove the RAM disk. The first command will load the key, the second one will unload it. This will even survive prolonged hibernation.

If someone removes the key or restarts the machine, a PIN will be required. Now you should be ready to use the new, secure SSH key in production.

Be sure to keep a backup on a second Yubikey in a save place and unmount the RAM disk after validating it works.This page describes a robust approach for configuration and use of a Yubikey for SSH authentication. It is based on a variety of web sources.

yubikey ssh mac

These instructions assume you have been given a preconfigured Yubikey or have already configured it yourself. These instructions only need to be carried out once per device you wish to connect with. You do not need to do this on lab computers -- it is already done! As of the time of writing, some windows versions have issues using Yubikey after the system sleeps or any number of other events. Further, it is desirable to have gpg-agent start automatically when a Yubikey is inserted.

To do so, download gpg-agent. Name it gpg-agent. Under actions, set it to run gpg-agent. Under conditions, make sure all conditions are unchecked. If WudfUsbccidDrv does not appear in the list, you need to reboot and remove and reinsert the Yubikey before adding the task. The above does not allow using the hardware token with native OS X apps, due to change made by Apple in Further, Make sure you have applied all Apple updates in order to have a usable version of the software on Similar to OS X.

You can also setup udev rules and disable gnome keyring to ensure the hardware token is used for ssh. For example, for recent Ubuntu-based distributions, you can do the following:.

If you are provided with a preconfigured Yubikey, you will be told where the public key can be accessed, and it will have already been added to all lab systems. For information on configuring a Yubikey, see Yubikey Configuration. Welcome to the collection of programs and patches that we are publically releasing in the hope that others find them useful.

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Copyrights remain with the owners of the respective works. Windows GPG4Win: gpg4win You only need to install the main GnuPG component.

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Insert Yubikey. Open a command prompt e.

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Run gpg --version. Put the file gpg-agent. Run gpg --card-status. It should print information about your Yubikey. Thats it!

yubikey ssh mac

You can now use your Yubikey for authentication with laboratory systems.Just trying to share it with others as I had to combine multiple sources to make everything work. Also documenting all the steps for myself for future use since Im sure I will forget everything in about a month.

You can check that by looking up recipy information:. GPG has a notion of a keyring. Keyring as the name implies is very similar to a physical keyring which holds multiple of your keys where each key is used for a different purpose - encryption, signing or authenticating your identity. In addition keys can be derived from a master key.

This property is useful for security reasons as it allows to revoke individual keys without needing to revoke the complete master key. Speaking of security, its also a good practice to expire the keys in few years just in case any issues are found with RSA or the key gets compromised. The following will generate the master key. Note that even though EC crypto is pretty awesome, it is currently unsupported by any of the Yubikeys hence RSA keys need to be used.

In this example we will create byte RSA keys expiring in 5 years. Newest Yubikeys 4 and above support byte keys. The created master key can either be referred by its id A68A9AD or by the email address test example. Now subkeys can be added for encryption, signing and authenticating. Encryption and signing keys are pretty straight forward. Since subkeys provide all the necessary functionality, master key is no longer necessary.

Therefore master key can be backed up and removed from the keyring for security reasons. The backup should be kept in a secure location like on an encrypted disk or paper in a safe. Ramdisk to the rescue! Now both private and public keys can be written to ramdisk.

In addition its a good idea to generate revocation certificate in case master key will need to be revoked without having access to master key. Alternatively there are couple of methods of printing the key to paper. Paperkey seems to be the most mature solution. It only extracts the secret bits out of the key hence no need to print the complete private key as the secret keys can be combined with public key to restore private key. Still, secret bits are larger than QR code can accommodate hence they need to be split to multiple files.

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Yubikey PIV for SSH on Macs

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yubikey ssh mac

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yubikey ssh mac

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